ME Engineer / Assistant Engineer (Designer)

Accountable to

ME Manager / ME Assistant Manager

Job Mission

To ensure all machine running smoothly, continuously improve the machine efficiency from time to time in term of maximum capacity and highest quality, in other hand give cost effectiveness.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Ensure the machine stability to achieve the company MPS arrangement and quality specification.
  2. Linkages with Production Technical section & support machine trouble shoot.
  3. New program phases in and phase out evaluation & follow up.
  4. Provide training to engineer, asst. engineer, technician & operator for new phase in machine.
  5. Production line reviews & continuously improves the machine efficiency from time to time through new fixture design and drawing preparation.
  6. Evaluate a new equipment/system toward industrial automation.
  7. Prepare Working Instruction (WI) and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for new phase in machine.
  8. Communication between local and outstation supplier with MAM.
  9. Supplier annually audit.
  10. Ensure work to be done by following the ISO standard.
  11. Linkage with Electrical Control section for design evaluation.
  12. Support each other section & department.
  13. Assists the immediate superior in machine/ equipment planning, engineering support and process improvement.
  14. Drawing management system & maintain.

Accountabilities & Authorities

  1. Ensure the fixture designed can fulfill the quality and capacity requirement.
  2. Ensure the fabrication part that fabricated by supplier follows specification.
  3. Ensure there is no double job for fixture design & machine repairing.
  4. Ensure the new machine to be phase in accordance with the company MPS requirement.
  5. Ensure new design (jigs, fixtures & machine) be done in consideration to process suitability, output condition and cost estimation.
  6. Ensure all drawing follow standard format and comply to ISO system.
  7. Supervise and approve personnel affairs under the supervision.

Competency – Knowledge & Skill

  1. Minimum Diploma/ Degree in Engineering with 1 year working experience in similar capacity
  2. Skill in design ( AutoCAD or Solid works ).
  3. Skill in project handle.
  4. Well communication & writing in Mandarin, Malay and English.
  5. Tertiary education in Engineering discipline.
  6. Minimum 2 years experience in similar capacity.
  7. Understanding in 5S awareness.
  8. Skill in computer literature, communication and dealing with other departments.
  9. Personal capability – professional conduct by :
    a. commitment to timely job and task completion
    b. orderly and systematic work practices and actions

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