effective sealing technique

Form-In-Place Gasket (FIPG) Plotting is an effective sealing technique to achieve high level of sealing between mating parts that is ideal for modern densely populated electronics packaging.

Simply put, form-in-place gaskets are meant to reduce “noise” between cavities on a printed circuit board (PCB) or in an electronics enclosure.

In addition, form-in-place gaskets provide excellent electrical contact to mating conductive surfaces, including printed circuit board traces for cavity-to-cavity isolation.

Our FIPG plotting lines are fully automated with 3-axis robotic dispensing by using customized programming.

We are able to plot UV cured and Oven cured gasket materials from major sealant brands.

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3-axis customized automated plotting machines

Machine Design

Interlock Baking Oven Design

UV pre-cure designed

Flash UV, Ring type UV, LED UV

gasket applications

Thermal and UV cure gasket type (Vendor: QAN, 3Bond, 3M)