One Stop Solution Provider

Manufacturer needs to produce a new product, increase their current production rate, decrease downtime or increase the machine’s accuracy. If the current or non-existent machinery doesn’t have the functionality required or is not optimized for operation, then a custom machine build or retrofit may be necessary.

As a “one-stop” solution provider,  we have integrated our internal custom machine design engineering capabilities with manufacturing, assembly, testing, installation and setup startup support to create a single-source solution for developing new machines, rebuilding existing machines or adding custom improvements to the existing machinery.

We have the technical capability and knowledge to quickly design a product according to the requirements to proof a concept or prototype. We assist companies of all range to be successfully innovative and growing.

We strive to provide quality services to fulfil customer’s needs in enhancing the production process besides reducing manpower and increase the production yield rate ultimately.

Our Service Include

Fully in-house design

Fabrication of the machine

Installation and setup

Integration of assembly

Dimension Measuring

Automated optical inspection (AOI)

Function testing

data storage

Friendly Human-Machine Interface


Key Capabilities

  • Design And Develop Of Specific Machinery Requirements
  • Fixture Design And Fabrication
  • Semi-Auto And Fully Auto Machinery Design And Fabrication
  • PC-Based And PLC-Based Controller
  • Input/Output Interface Design