Cut different shapes of card or paper

In printing world, a Die refers to a thin, razor-sharp steel blade that has been formed into a specific shape or pattern. Die cutting is a fabrication process which using specialized machines and machine tools to convert stock material by cutting, forming, and shearing it into custom shapes and designs.

Our custom adhesive tape die cutting services can be molded to any product development process. We provide die cut services to produce high quality stickers, label, achieve, paper plastic film etc.

We create a range of bespoke cut adhesive tapes from rolls or sheets of single or double sided tape, film tape and filmic materials.

Our customers are from various industries in automotive, consumer products, medical and other industries.

Materials include

  • Single Coated Tapes
  • Double Coated Tapes
  • Bonding Tapes
  • Performance Label Materials
  • Plastic Film


How it works?

The die-cutting machine uses a combination of rollers and cutting plates to put pressure on a die and push it through the card or paper to create a shape with neat and precise outlines.

Die cutting is a versatile fabrication process which typically utilizes custom-designed dies affixed to specialized machinery to convert stock material.

It is suitable for a wide range of materials, and a variety of applications and industries.